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MSM has over three decades of experience working on the design and documentation.  Our rich understanding of the trends past and present, gives us an invaluable appreciation for the task that lies ahead with the consultation and documentation of the buildings. We understand the pivotal role each facility plays in developing the hearts and minds of our clients and creating vibrant and safe facilities for members of our communities and public. 

Architectural Approach

At MSM our design philosophy is to create architecture that is innovative and dynamic, timeless and thoughtful and provides straightforward solutions to complex problems.  Our architecture is born out of a rigorous design process that is underpinned by project specific research; exploration of the client’s vision and aspirations, and thorough understanding of the surrounding environment and climatic conditions.  We strive to provide design solutions that are functionally and structurally efficient and underpinned by a strong architectural concept. Environmentally sustainable design is core to our process and inherent in every design solution. 

•  Flexible and Adaptable
We believe in creating architecture that can withstand the test of time; we design buildings to be ultimately flexible enabling the building to adapt physically and virtually to changing operational and technological needs. 

•  Efficient and Cost-Effective
To ensure the optimal sustainable outcome and ensure that money is not wasted unnecessarily, we strive to provide solutions that are structurally and technologically efficient.  

•  Knowledge Environments

A key objective of our workplace and educational design is to create flexible environments that support knowledge sharing and stimulate creativity, innovation and collaboration. 

We aim to provide places that provide choice about where, when and how people work or learn.   

•  Whole of Life Design - Maintenance Proofing
As a company with building and facility management arms, we understand fully the importance of designing buildings that are buildable, can withstand the test of time and are easy and cost-effective to maintain.  A building is a large capital investment for a community and as designers we design for today and tomorrow. We seek to be innovative but within the realms of the tried and tested.  Every decision is weighed against our

rigorous in-house quality assessment process to ensure these goals are met. 

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